Life has become too easy. Tell someone the world is being destroyed and we’re all going to suffer in fifty years, and no one does anything. There is apathy, resignation, fear, avoidance, disbelief.

If we created an app that introduced users to several different ways to help in our world every day, what would happen? Would people change? Would the world change since everything has become easier?

If we tell someone that they have to take their medicine every day or they will die, surely they will take their medicine every day? If we add to it that they can no longer eat their favorite food anymore, surely they will stop eating that favorite food? Life is more important. Death is a huge threat.

We’ve made it easy. Just use the app and the world will change.

Just take the pills and avoid that and you will live.

But for many people those ultimatums don’t work. They are utterly ineffective despite the simplicity. People still skip their pills or forget them–despite their lives hinging on the consumption of those pills. The mundane nature of the struggle lessens its threat.

Some of the problem has to do with fatalism and impotence (caused by, in effect, mundaneness). I think people just watch the world pass by, watch the world be destroyed, watch others destroy and be destroyed because they have this idea that they are nothing. That they can do nothing. That life will continue just the way it is regardless. The same pattern will continue to repeat itself. The reality we tell them about will not become reality because it is not reality already.

Instead of making everything easy, I think we should make it harder. Ask the people to sacrifice. When our country goes to war–and lives for years in a state of war–and only the citizens with family members directly involved have any idea what’s going on in said war, a great injustice has been done on the parts of the citizens.

Our lives have become too easy, I think. We expect too little from ourselves and our society. We should expect something from them, ask the people for collaboration, help to veterans, letters to soldiers, etc., and make a big deal about it. If our country is in dire trouble, the people should sacrifice something for the country–work an extra hour without pay for the sake of patriotism.

It isn’t socialism/communism/fascism to sacrifice something for our greater good.

Asking more of people will hopefully lead them to see that they are capable. That life can change. That they are not impotent. That there is more to life than scrolling through Facebook and reading stupid articles on Buzzfeed. We exist. We can do something to help ourselves and others. The pattern that has existed is neither permanent nor all-powerful. Mundanity can be broken quite easily. One action different from the norm can prove that. Then the next one is all-the-more easier.

By expecting actions from others and enabling them, we actually empower them to act.


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