Some men live with an invisible limp, stagger, or drag a leg. Their sons are often angry.

Robert Bly (b. 1926), U.S. poet, critic, translator, editor. My Father’s Wedding (l. 7–9). . .Selected Poems of Robert Bly. (1986) HarperCollins.



    • I think it is speaking about how the father carries some invisible psychological or emotional wound that affects his daily life, perhaps making him incompetent or impotent. This lack of faith in himself, preoccupation with the past, passivity, whatever it may be, then affects the son, who expresses his frustration with his absent father through anger at the rest of the world.
      I think it summarizes a truth of children and parents: children are deeply affected by the situations of their parents.
      Is that what you wanted by commenting with “???”? lol


  1. What connections to sex or gender do you see?


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