Living as if you’re dying.

I think that’s likely the best approach to life. To live ever day as if you are going to die. It sounds so simple, but I’ve never lived that way. Honestly, I don’t know what living that way looks like.

I assume living as if I am dying means doing what you value, working toward what you value. To live as if you are dying demands a firm understanding of what a person values. Once all of that is figured out, the living can be done.

But I’ll ask the next predictable question: how do you live as if you’re dying when you don’t know what you value? How do you end every day with a sense of contentment and satisfaction with what you’ve done in this life?

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that way–but, to be honest, this is probably the first time I’ve thought this way, so feeling that way before thinking it was likely impossible.

I have never thought this way, and don’t know how to achieve that state of existence, but it is occurring to me that living as if I’m dying is likely the only way to live. Because I am dying just because I’m alive, and I could die through any circumstance at any moment.

I can’t think of anything that I can do on my own that would make me satisfied when I stand before God. Now and then, I feel as if I’ll look at my hands and say, “What was if all even for?” Honestly, though, that’s just imagery. I probably will be so excited to see God that I won’t event think about this place. Still, that’s my question…What can I do that will make being here worth it? Worth it to me?

There are a couple categories that I forgot to consider. 1) There are things that make living more pleasurable or possibly worthwhile. 2) There are things that make having lived possibly worthwhile. Those two categories are important. Living for its own sake is likely worthwhile.


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